Republic of Mauritius: Fact Sheet

Land Area 2,040 sq km (1,865 sq km excl islands of Rodrigues, Agalega and St Brandon
Population 1.26m (2021, Statistics Mauritius)
 Capital Port Louis
Major Languages English (official), Creole (national), French, Indian languages
Major Religion Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism
Time Convenient time zone (+ GMT 4)
Currency Rupee (MUR or Rs) which is divided into 100 cents. (1 USD = MUR 42 approx.)
Governance Westminster style democracy, with a written Constitution. General Elections every 5 years
Legal System Independent judiciary with separation of powers. The highest court of appeal is the UK’s Privy Council. The legal system consists of English, French and a hybrid system
Literacy rate   90.6% approx. Over 66% of the population are connected to the internet.  
Labour force Highly skilled labour force, bilingual in English and French
Unemployment rate 8.1 % (2nd Quarter 2022)
GDP 7.8 % (growth)
GDP per capita USD 9800 (forecasted 2022)
Inflation 11.3%
Climate Subtropical