About Mauritius: The island

The Republic of Mauritius is a democratic small island situated in the Indian Ocean. It is located about 2,000 km off the south east coast of Africa and is famous for its pristine beaches.

The island has a multi-cultural and cosmopolitan population of about 1.2 million inhabitants who co-exists in peace and harmony. The rule of law always prevails and is guaranteed by the Constitution of Mauritius and an independent judiciary. Free and fair general election is held every five years.

Mauritius has a welfare state which provides free education, free public healthcare, greater inclusiveness and negative income tax for the poor. Immigration is open to suitable foreigners for business, employment or retirement. Download ‘Live and Work in Mauritius’ Guide.

Due to its historical past and colonisation, Mauritius has strong cultural and economic ties with England, France, India, China and mainland Africa. Being part of regional trade blocks, Mauritius is regarded as the ideal gateway for investment in mainland Africa. It is also a buoyant international financial services jurisdiction.

Key Points

  • Population of 1.2 M
  • Political and social stability
  • Hospitable & cosmopolitan nation
  • Safe with low criminality rate
  • Modern roads, infrastructure & communication facilities
  • High speed internet connectivity
  • Highly literate and qualified bilingual labour force (English/French)
  • Pleasant living & working environment
  • Member of Trade Blocks: COMESA, SADC, AGOA, Indian Ocean Rim
  • Member of Commonwealth States and Francophonie
  • Gateway to invest into mainland Africa